Meet the Visionaries

Behind Arora Remodeling

Aarik Arora

"I started working with Arora Remodeling back in 2012 to join my dad in the family business. We both always shared a love of creating that home feeling and inviting loved ones over to host. That translates directly into how we create new homes for our customers.

I strive to create a product that would be in your Christmas photo, a kind of quality that can last the test of time so it becomes part of your most cherished memories."

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Rajiv Arora

"I founded Arora Remodeling back in 2008. At that time, I broke a million as a salesman at Sears and realized quickly that my knowledge and expertise in the field had grown beyond the limits that they kept me in. I combined my sales knowledge from Sears with my construction background working in Dubai with government contracts. These experiences allowed me to really make shake up the remodeling market in the DMV and create Arora Remodeling as you know it."

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